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Bespoke Development
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Join us in building your digital experience from conception to completion. Katakwe seeks to build dynamic and scalable websites and applications, with intuitive and immersive user experiences. As our client, you are part of our team, involved in every step of the way.


Business Analysis

Optimise your business.

Our analysis aims to provide an end-to-end solution that enables your business to thrive in the information age, making intelligent usage of available data.


Software Development

Engineer your solution.

Choose us to develop, engineer, test, and create your site. Choose from our pre-crafted packages, or contact us for custom development.


Be Known

Brand is breath.

Your brand is the life of your organisation. Let's build your brand, from a logo to business cards. Whether you're starting out or established, get in touch.

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Hand Crafted Products

Choose from the products below to kickstart your digital experience.

Simple Site

Are you looking to make your organisation known? Do you want an online platform to let people know who you are? If so, a simple site is for you.

Simple does not mean plain. We want to build websites that compel users to engage with your brand. We don't want to just create 'sleek' or 'elegant' - we want to create award-winning digital experiences.

Let our passion drive your design.

No matter the number of pages you need to present your content, we'll get it done. Give a great first impression to your potential clients.

We construct your site in two ways. You can choose to use a pre-created template, which has an existing user interface and design. You'll get the sleek and the elegant from this, while being cost-effective... Or you can be the best, by working with us to build a fully custom, one-of-a-kind digital experience, complete with animations and designs that will captivate your audience.

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Your product.
Your customer.
Your sale.
Your profit
Your power.



Manage and sell your products, no matter what they are - physical or virtual.



Enable multiple fulfilment partners for the same product.


Offers & Rewards

Enjoy a full offers framework, giving your customers joining specials, or really, specials whenever you feel like it.


Affiliate Marketing

Enable affiliate marketing and let your users grow your customer base for you.


Order Management

Control your order pipeline, and track every order that passes through your system.



Enjoy a suite of analytics. Know which types of users purchase which products, and market effectively.



Allow your site to increase further revenue without lifting a finger. We'll suggest products to users that they are likely to purchase.


Admin Dashboard

You'll get a full admin dashboard to control products, users, shipping, orders, and more.

More questions? Contact us.

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Manage your event from start to finish



Create an event, along with event details, ticket types and prices.



Let people know about your event. Connect to social media. Employ ambassadors to sell tickets.



Sell your tickets to your target market and make your profit.



Manage your event. Seamlessly control access and attendees. Ensure they'll come back for more.

More questions? Contact us.

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Never miss a meeting

Manage and accept appointments, classes, and payments, all from one place.


Schedule appointments of any type, once-off or recurring, individual or class-based. Set up your available times and allow customers to automatically book online!


Manage reminders for appointment attendees, whether by SMS or by e-mail.


Grow through comments and criticism, allowing customers to rate and review your services.


Let customers pay for your services and bookings online. Make sure you get paid for the services you deliver.

More questions? Contact us.

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If you own an online store, an events company, or provide activities and entertainment, use rewards to win client loyalty and increase profits.


Let your customers earn and redeem points, by interacting with your system.


Let your customers refer other customers, and reward them with points, prizes, or commission.


Group users by loyalty levels. Create leader boards and find top achievers. Turn your system into a cognitive growth machine.

More questions? Contact us.

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Dream it. Fund it. Build it. Sell it.
Activism, art, and anything else, really.


Funding a charity? Looking for startup money for an idea or business? Building a product? Use a crowdfunding application in your website to engage your community and get funded.


Once you've hit your target, create the artifact that you conceived and begin building.


Reward contributors along the way. They provided you with the means to build your product, so thank them with merchandise, early access and pre-orders.

More questions? Contact us.

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Your personal voice? Your business voice?
It's still yours. Let the world know what you have to say.


Content that the world deserves to hear.


Use a powerful and tested system, Ghost, to manage your content, release dates, writers and editors on your blog, and so on.


Let the internet consume your mind.

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Content Management System

It's your website. It should be your content too.

Our lightweight content management system means that you can edit all applicable content on your site at any time. There is no back and forth between owner and developer. Take control of your content.

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